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 Name Of Planet Meaning Gender
AabhaMars (Mangal)LightGirl
AadabMars (Mangal)Hope and needGirl
AadarshiniMars (Mangal)IdealisticGirl
AadeshMars (Mangal)MessageBoy
AadhiraMars (Mangal)MoonBoy
AadiMars (Mangal)ImportantBoy
AadilMars (Mangal)JusticeBoy
AaditMars (Mangal)PeakBoy
AaditaMars (Mangal)From the beginningGirl
AadityaMars (Mangal)SunBoy
AadrikaMars (Mangal)MountainGirl
AadyaMars (Mangal)First or preliminaryGirl
AagmanMars (Mangal)ArrivalBoy
AahanaMars (Mangal)First ray of sunGirl
AaheliMars (Mangal)PureGirl
AahnaMars (Mangal)ExistenceGirl
AahvaMars (Mangal)BelovedBoy
AainaMars (Mangal)MirrorGirl
AakaankshaMars (Mangal)Wish, Desire, Ambition, HopeGirl
AakaarMars (Mangal)ShapeBoy
AakarshMars (Mangal)AttractionBoy
AakarshaMars (Mangal)Above everybodyGirl
AakashMars (Mangal)SkyBoy
AakeshMars (Mangal)Lord of the skyBoy
AakritiMars (Mangal)ShapeGirl
AaliaMars (Mangal)Exalted, Highest social standingGirl
AaliyaMars (Mangal)High, Tall, Towering, ExcellentGirl
AamaalMars (Mangal)Hopes, AspirationsGirl
AamaniMars (Mangal)Spring season, vasanth rituGirl
AamirMars (Mangal)Populous, Full, ProsperousBoy
AananditaMars (Mangal)Purveyor of JoyGirl
AanchalMars (Mangal)ShelterGirl
AanishkaMars (Mangal) Girl
AanwikaMars (Mangal) Girl
AanyaMars (Mangal)GraciousGirl
AaradhayaMars (Mangal)RegardBoy
AaratrikaMars (Mangal)The dusk lamp beneath Tulsi plantGirl
AaravMars (Mangal)PeacefulBoy
AarifMars (Mangal)Acquainted, KnowledgeableBoy
AariniMars (Mangal)AdventurousGirl
AarishMars (Mangal)SkyBoy
AaritMars (Mangal)One who seeks the right directionBoy
AarizMars (Mangal)Respectable man, IntelligentBoy
AarnaMars (Mangal)LaxmiGirl
AarnavMars (Mangal) Boy
AarnaviMars (Mangal)Heart as big as oceanGirl
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