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 Name Meaning Religion Gender
AabheerCow HerdHinduBoy
AabirahFleeting, Transitory, EphemeralMuslimGirl
AabishDaughter of a king, Queen of IranMuslimGirl
AachmanIntake of a sip of water before a yagya or pujaHinduBoy
AadabHope and needMuslimGirl
AadeshCommand, MessageHinduBoy
AadhanBe FirstHinduBoy
AadhanaBeing FirstHinduGirl
AadhiraLord Chandra, MoonHinduBoy
AadhyaFirst Power, The BeginningHinduGirl
AadiFirst, Most importantHinduBoy
AadidevThe first god, Ancient godHinduBoy
AadilJust, Upright, JusticeMuslimBoy
AadilaJust, Upright, JusticeMuslimGirl
AadinathThe first god, Supreme Ruler of the UniverseHinduBoy
AadirOrigin, BeginningHinduBoy
AaditaFrom the beginningHinduGirl
AaditeyaSon of AditiHinduBoy
AadithyaLord of sunHinduBoy
AaditriGoddess LaxmiHinduGirl
AadityaLord Surya, SunHinduBoy
AadrikaMountain, CelestialHinduGirl
AadyaGoddess Parvati, Name of AadisaktiHinduGirl
AafiaVigor, Vitality, Good healthMuslimGirl
AafiyaVigor, Vitality, Good healthMuslimGirl
AafreenBrave, Acclaim, EncouragementMuslimGirl
AagamComing, ArrivalHinduBoy
Aagam JainBoy
AaghnyaBorn from fire, Goddess LaxmiHinduGirl
AagneyBorn from fire, Son of fireHinduBoy
AagneyaBorn from fire, Son of fireHinduBoy
AahanGood MorningHinduBoy
Aahil MuslimBoy
AahlaaditaBubbling with delightHinduGirl
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