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 State Of Origin Surname Mother Tongue
Andhra PradeshAbdulTelugu
Andhra PradeshAkkineniTelugu
Andhra PradeshAkulaTelugu
Andhra PradeshAlaparthiTelugu
Andhra PradeshAmukthaTelugu
Andhra PradeshAnantaneniTelugu
Andhra PradeshAnumoluTelugu
Andhra PradeshAnumulaTelugu
Andhra PradeshAppaniTelugu
Andhra PradeshAsuriTelugu
Andhra PradeshBabuTelugu
Andhra PradeshBanothTelugu
Andhra PradeshBellamkondaTelugu
Andhra PradeshBhagavatulaTelugu
Andhra PradeshBoiniTelugu
Andhra PradeshBulusuTelugu
Andhra PradeshChagantiTelugu
Andhra PradeshChagantipatiTelugu
Andhra PradeshChandamallaTelugu
Andhra PradeshChaparalaTelugu
Andhra PradeshCharugundlaTelugu
Andhra PradeshChebroluTelugu
Andhra PradeshCherukuriTelugu
Andhra PradeshChiguluriTelugu
Andhra PradeshChinthamalla MunnangiTelugu
Andhra PradeshChowdaryTelugu
Andhra PradeshDamarsinghTelugu
Andhra PradeshDanaboyinaTelugu
Andhra PradeshDavuluriTelugu
Andhra PradeshEthrouthuTelugu
Andhra PradeshGalliTelugu
Andhra PradeshGandhamaneniTelugu
Andhra PradeshGarudadriTelugu
Andhra PradeshGayamTelugu
Andhra PradeshGinjupalliTelugu
Andhra PradeshGollapinniTelugu
Andhra PradeshGorthiTelugu
Andhra PradeshGoudTelugu
Andhra PradeshGundapaneniTelugu
Andhra PradeshGuntiTelugu
Andhra PradeshGuptaTelugu
Andhra PradeshGurramTelugu
Andhra PradeshJakkalaTelugu
Andhra PradeshJastiTelugu
Andhra PradeshKalluriTelugu
Andhra PradeshKamalakarTelugu
Andhra PradeshKarnatiTelugu
Andhra PradeshKartheekTelugu
Andhra PradeshKavuriTelugu
Andhra PradeshKodhatiTelugu
Andhra PradeshKondraguntaTelugu
Andhra PradeshKshirsagarTelugu
Andhra PradeshKumarTelugu
Andhra PradeshLakamallaTelugu
Andhra PradeshMaadigaTelugu
Andhra PradeshMadanuTelugu
Andhra PradeshMamuduriTelugu
Andhra PradeshMandavaTelugu
Andhra PradeshMarriTelugu
Andhra PradeshMekaTelugu
Andhra PradeshMohammedTelugu
Andhra PradeshMudirajTelugu
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