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List of Names that means 'Standing'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AaliaIndianExalted; Lofty; Highest social standingGirl
AaliaIndianExalted; Highest social standingGirl
AliaIndianExalted; Highest social standingGirl
AliaIndianExalted; Lofty; Highest social standingGirl
AngusScottishExceptional; OutstandingBoy
AurangIndianWisdom; UnderstandingBoy
AurangIranian (Persian)Wisdom; UnderstandingBoy
DegotogaNative AmericanStanding togetherBoy
EditonNative AmericanStanding as a sacred objectBoy
EnnisScottishExceptional; OutstandingBoy
FaaeqaIndianOutstanding; AwakeGirl
FadilIndianHonorable; OutstandingBoy
FadlIndianReward; Favor; Outstanding; HonorableBoy
FaiqIndianSuperior; Ascendant; OutstandingBoy
FaiqaIndianOutstanding; AwakeGirl
HeerIndianGenerous and understandingGirl
HeerIndianDiamond; Generous and understandingGirl
IrfanIndianKnowledge; UnderstandingBoy
IrfanIndianKnowledge understandingBoy
IzzIndianGlory; Honor; Prestige; High standingBoy
Junjie  (俊杰)ChineseHandsome; OutstandingBoy
LabeebIndianUnderstanding; Sensible; IntelligentBoy
LabeebaIndianUnderstanding; Sensible; IntelligentGirl
LabeedIndianUnderstanding; Sensible; IntelligentBoy
LabibahIndianUnderstanding; IntelligentGirl
LamVietnameseFull Understanding; KnowledgeBoy
Ling  ()ChineseDelicate; Compassion; UnderstandingGirl
Menelaos  (Μενέλαος)GreekWithstanding the peopleBoy
MenelausLatinWithstanding the people; MercyBoy
MerciaLatinWithstanding the people; MercyGirl
NabeehIndianNoble; OutstandingBoy
NabhanIndianAlert; Noble; OutstandingBoy
OneidaEnglishStanding Stone; Upright StoneGirl
OneidaIndianStanding Stone; Upright StoneGirl
OrangIndianWisdom; UnderstandingBoy
OrangIranian (Persian)Wisdom; UnderstandingBoy
PratitiIndianFaith; UnderstandingBoy
QaimIndianRising; Standing; ExistingBoy
Qingling  (庆铃)ChineseCelebration of understandingGirl
Qingzhao  (李清照)ChineseClear; UnderstandingGirl
VedaIndianUnderstanding; Wisdom and knowledgeGirl
VedaSanskritUnderstanding; Wisdom and knowledgeGirl

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