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List of Names that means 'Pleasure'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AmodIndianPleasure; HappinessBoy
AmodiniIndianHappy girl; PleasureGirl
AnisaIndianJoy and pleasureGirl
AnisaIndianSupreme; Joy and PleasureGirl
AnisaIndianJoy and pleasure; SupremeGirl
DelitFrenchGives PleasureGirl
DhananadIndianPleasure of having wealthBoy
DharmanandIndianOne who takes pleasure in his religionBoy
EdenEnglishDelight; Place of pleasureUnisex
EdenIndianDelight; Place of pleasureUnisex
EdnaEnglishDelight; Pleasure; Rejuvenation; KernelGirl
EdnaIndianDelight; Pleasure; Rejuvenation; KernelGirl
EdnahEnglishDelight; Pleasure; RejuvenationGirl
EdnahIndianDelight; Pleasure; RejuvenationGirl
EshaIndianGoddess Parvati; Purity; Desire; PleasureGirl
Euterpe  (Ευτέρπη)GreekGiver of Pleasure; DelightGirl
FarhatIndianCheer; Pleasure; HappinessGirl
HarshIndianHappiness; Joy; PleasureBoy
HarshIndianJoy; PleasureBoy
HarshadIndianOne who gives pleasureBoy
HarshadIndianHappy; One who gives pleasureBoy
HarshadIndianOne who gives pleasure; Giver of JoyBoy
HarshadaIndianHappy; One who gives pleasureGirl
HarshadaIndianOne who gives pleasure; Giver of JoyGirl
IshratIndianPleasure; Mirth; DelightBoy
IshratIndianPleasure; Mirth; DelightUnisex
IshritIndianPleasure; Mirth; DelightBoy
JaysukhIndianPleasure of victoryBoy
JoyIndianHappiness; PleasureBoy
JoyIndianJoy; Happiness; Joyful; PleasureUnisex
JoyaIndianHappiness; PleasureGirl
KarthikIndianHindu calendar month; Bestowing courage and pleasureBoy
KarthikSanskritName of a month in the Hindu calendar; Bestowing Courage and PleasureBoy
KartikIndianHindu calendar month; Bestowing courage and pleasureBoy
KartikSanskritName of a month in the Hindu calendar; Bestowing Courage and PleasureBoy
KhushiIndianPleasure; Happiness; SmileGirl
KhushiIndianPleasure; HappinessGirl
KumudaIndianPleasure of the earth white water lilyGirl
KumudaIndianPleasure of the earthGirl
KumudaIndianLotus; Pleasure of the earthGirl
KumudaIndianPleasure of the earth; White water lilyGirl
MansukhIndianPleasure of mindBoy
NandIndianJoyful; Happy; Pleasure; Father of KrishnaBoy
NandishIndianLord of pleasure; Lord ShivaBoy
NandishIndianLord of pleasureBoy
NavaneetIndianButter; Who takes pleasure in new joysBoy
NavaneetaIndianButter; Who takes pleasure in new joysGirl
NavneetIndianButter; Who takes pleasure in new joysGirl
NavneetaIndianButter; Who takes pleasure in new joysGirl
NuzhaIndianPleasure trip; Excursion spotGirl
SanandaIndianHappy; Pleasure; Goddess LaxmiGirl
SanandaIndianHappy; Pleasure; Joyful; Goddess LaxmiGirl
SanandaIndianPleasure; Joyful; Goddess LaxmiGirl
VilasiniIndianPlayful; One who gives pleasureGirl

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