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List of Names that means 'Ancient'
 Name Origin Meaning Gender
AadidevIndianThe first god; Ancient godBoy
AadidevSanskritThe first god; Ancient godBoy
AaryanIndianIllustrious; Noble; Spiritual; AncientBoy
AaryanIndianAncient; IllustriousBoy
AryanIndianAn Ancient civilization; Of the Aryan race; Son of AryaBoy
AteeqahIndianOld AncientGirl
AtitIndianAncient; PastBoy
AvantiIndianModest; Ancient Malwa; Ancient city of UjjainGirl
AvantiIndianAncient Malwa; UjjainGirl
AvantiIndianAncient malwa; Ujjain; ModestGirl
BaanbhattIndianName of an ancient poetBoy
BanbhattIndianName of an ancient poetBoy
BanbhattIndianAn ancient poetBoy
BhagirathIndianOne who brought Ganga on earth; An ancient kingBoy
ChaitalyIndianName of an ancient cityGirl
ChandavarmanIndianAn ancient kingBoy
ChandraguptIndianName of an ancient kingBoy
ChandraguptIndianName of ancient kingBoy
CharakIndianAn ancient physicianBoy
CharakIndianAn ancient physician; One of the founders of AyurvedaBoy
CharakSanskritAn ancient physician; One of the founders of AyurvedaBoy
ChirantanIndianImmortal; AncientBoy
DevaapiIndianAn ancient kingBoy
DevapiIndianAn ancient kingBoy
DevvrataIndianName of an ancient kingBoy
EaldredAnglo-SaxonAncient counselBoy
GargiIndianAn ancient scholarGirl
GunaakarIndianAn ancient KingBoy
GunakarIndianAn ancient kingBoy
GunakarIndianAncient kingBoy
JahnuIndianName of an ancient sage and divine kingBoy
JahnuSanskritName of an ancient sage & divine kingBoy
JaiminiIndianAn ancient philosopherBoy
JaiminiIndianAncient philosopherBoy
JaiminiIndianVictory; Ancient philosopherGirl
JanamejayIndianLord Vishnu; An ancient kingBoy
JayachandIndianAncient king of KannaujBoy
JayachandIndianVictory Moon; Ancient king of KannaujBoy
JoydevIndianAncient poetBoy
KanadIndianAn AncientBoy
KanishkIndianAn ancient kingBoy
KatyayanIndianAn ancient grammarianBoy
KeanEnglishAncient; DistantBoy
KeanIndianAncient; DistantBoy
KeaneEnglishAncient; DistantBoy
KeaneIndianAncient; DistantBoy
KeenanEnglishLittle Ancient OneBoy
KeenanIndianLittle Ancient OneBoy
KianEnglishAncient; DistantBoy
KianIndianAncient; DistantBoy
KumushIndianAncient manBoy
KumushIndianAn ancient manBoy
KumushIndianOld and ancient manBoy
MaandhataIndianAn ancient kingBoy
MandhataIndianAn ancient kingBoy
NaabhiIndianCentre of body; An ancient KingBoy
NaagarjunIndianAn ancient philosopherBoy
NaaradIndianAn ancient sageBoy
NabhiIndianCentre of body; An ancient kingBoy
NabhiIndianCentre of body; An ancient KingGirl
NabhyaIndianCentre of body; An ancient KingGirl
NachiketaIndianAn ancient rishi; FireBoy
NahushIndianName of an ancient kingBoy
NalIndianAn ancient kingBoy
NenEgyptianAncient WatersBoy
Palaemon  (Παλαίμων)GreekAncientBoy
ParasharIndianAn ancientBoy
ParasharIndianA renowned saint; An ancientBoy
ParashuraamIndianBrave; Ancient sageBoy
ParikshitIndianName of an ancient kingBoy
ParikshitIndianProven; Name of an ancient kingBoy
PatralekhaIndianA name from Ancient epicsGirl
PatralekhaIndianName from ancient epicsGirl
PiriHungarianAncient; Old; PrimitiveGirl
PiroskaHungarianAncient; Old; PrimitiveGirl
PrasheilaIndianAncient timeGirl
PulastyaIndianAn ancientBoy
Pushp MitraIndianan ancient rulerBoy
Pushp-MitraIndianAn ancient rulerBoy
QadimIndianAncient; Old; Primitive; Without any beginning or endBoy
RaghuIndianFamily of lord Rama; An ancient king of AvadhBoy
RehwaIndianAncient name of river NarmadaGirl
SabinyPolishAncient tribe of Central ItalyGirl
SamantbhadraIndianA famous Jain acharya from ancient IndiaBoy
SambaranIndianRestraint; Name of an ancient kingBoy
ShameekIndianAn ancient sageBoy
ShravastiIndianAn ancient Indian cityGirl
SwetaketuIndianAn ancient sageBoy
UjjaniniIndianAn ancient cityGirl
UjjaniniIndianAn ancient Indian cityGirl
UjjayiniIndianAn ancient Indian cityGirl
UjjayiniIndianAn ancient cityGirl
VaalmeekiIndianAn ancient saint; Author of RamayanaBoy
VairochanIndianAn ancient name; Lord Vishnu's sonBoy
VairochanIndianAn ancient nameBoy
VaishaliIndianAn ancient city of IndiaGirl
VaishaliIndianAn ancient Indian cityGirl
ValmekiIndianAn ancient saint; Author of RamayanaBoy
ValmekiIndianAn ancient saintBoy
ValmikIndianAn ancient saint; Author of RamayanaBoy
ValmikiIndianAn ancient saint; Author of RamayanaBoy
VaraahamihirIndianAncient astronomerBoy
VarahamihirIndianAncient astronomerBoy
VarahamihirIndianAn ancient astronomerBoy
VasuIndianWealth; Lord Vishnu; An ancient kingBoy
VasumitrIndianAn ancient nameBoy
VatsyayanIndianAn ancient authorBoy
VidarbhIndianAncient name of a stateBoy
VidarbhIndianAncient state name (region)Boy
YaduIndianAn ancient kingBoy

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